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They’re a¬†variety of solutions to many issues you may face.


Whether you want to lose weight, get fit, or compete in a sport, I have the understanding of what it takes to get you to the next level.

Strength. Endurance. Flexibility. Health.

Do you feel the need to lose a few pounds? Are you unhappy with your current fitness level? Do you miss the energy you had when you were healthier and stronger?

You see it on television, in magazines, Instagram, and Youtube. It seems like everyone can squeeze in that size 8 dress or those 30in jeans. The pressure from social media to be lean and mean is greater than ever. That doesn’t mean you need to be held to these standards, but fitness is an important element in your life. You’ll find yourself feeling more productive, confident, and happy after you’re on a proper routine. Not to mention looking great!

But getting fit isn’t just for the aesthetics. Working out consistently drastically increases your day to day energy and the length of your life. Our mind and body is interconnected, and when one fails, the other is not far behind. Working on your physical health is a major component to your happiness, so take it seriously!

Most people have tried working out, but most people aren’t able to stay motivated and consistent. Perhaps you don’t have the knowledge to see the results you want. Whatever your hurdle, we can help you overcome it. Max is Marine Corps veteran and ready to share the knowledge of how to get in shape and stay in shape. Click below to choose a program and see how we can help.



Do you find yourself in a cycle of unhealthy habits? In world of fast food, drugs, and addictions, it’s no wonder we’re struggling as a society. It’s easy to fall into a pit of unhealthy living, but I have the answers to pull you out.

Healthy Living

Temptations are everywhere you look, whether it’s food, alcohol, or even drugs. Do you find yourself with unhealthy cravings? Are you stuck in a rut, unable to break out of an unhealthy cycle due to a traumatic event?

The questions are… How can you avoid putting your health and well being at risk? How can you ensure you live a longer, happier life? They’re easy questions to ask but can be difficult to answer, and change depending on the person.

What are some of the issues you may face? It could be an addiction, be it junk food, alcohol, drugs, gambling, or anything in between. Perhaps you’re lacking the drive to get up and be productive. You may have had a hard breakup or a family member die, leaving you in a dark place. Regardless of what it is or what has happened, if it’s effecting your life in a negative manner, it’s imperative you recognize the issue and seek help.

Achieving and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is challenging. Our mind and body is interconnected, and when one fails, the other is not far behind. Finding a balance in your mental and physical health is a major component to your happiness. So, how is it done? There’s no cure all, but you have a wonderful opportunity to utilize our support system to create healthy habits, form stability, and find your happiness. Click below to find out more about our programs and decide which would fit you best. After you choose an option, ask for a free consultation and we’ll discuss your options in getting you on the right track.


Whether you’re single and struggling or you’re in a relationship where you’re not receiving the support you need, there’s a solution.

Relationship Help

Are you struggling to connect and find a meaningful relationship? Is your current relationship filled with ups and downs? Do you think you or your significant other has resentment in the relationship?

Relationships can be tough. Divorce rates are through the roof, single mothers/fathers are commonplace, and the hookup culture leaves many of us wanting for more.

Communication is one of the most important elements to maintain a healthy relationship. How do you create good habits for not only yourself, but your significant other? It takes work, dedication, and understanding of how and why people feel the way they do.

If you’re single, unsure of how to get into the dating scene, feel awkward or lack the confidence to make the first move, everyone’s been there at one point or another. By utilizing a tried and true method, we can help you become the best you, that any person will be attracted to. We recommend the JLM program for those that are seeking to increase their confidence and their effectiveness in finding and nurturing a new relationship.

If you’re in a dedicated relationship and things are just…tough. You lost some love along the way, and things are just not the same. It’s not too late to try and make a change. We recommend a combination of the JLM program, as well as hourly sessions for those in a relationship. Click below to check out our programs, choose which best fits your situation, and inquire about the next step!

depressed woman
work life balance

Work-Life Balance

Do you have a lackluster social life due to too much work? Have you ever heard… “You work too much.”? Don’t keep letting work stress take over your life. I have you covered.

Work Life Balance

Do you struggle with bringing work home, causing undo stress on yourself and your loved ones? Constantly dealing with work calls and problems while you’re off the clock? Putting in overtime regularly?

Working hard is a wonderful thing. It enables us to learn and adapt to new situations, better ourselves and the company we work for, and of course, enables us to live a better lifestyle. Most people aspire to become a successful individual with a satisfying and fruitful career. But what happens when you get that promotion or position you’ve been after?

Often times, we get caught up in our responsibilities of the career we’ve built. Whether it’s an important new program, a big pending sale, new trainees, a new product line, or an audit. We constantly have a new task to overcome.

Time with friends and family is usually the first thing to disintegrate when your work-life balance is out of whack. How often are you spending time with friends? When was your last “alone time” with your significant other? Maintaining a healthy social life with your friends and family is an integral part to happiness. Someone who doesn’t place importance on their social life may have issues with their work-life balance. Short term, you may not see the dramatic effects, but if you allow this behavior to persist, you’ll find there are consequences. The consequences are not only to your social life, but your performance at work.

It’s not uncommon to be in this position, and fortunately, there’s several ways to create a harmonious balance between your time at work and your time at home. Click below to find out more about our programs and decide which would fit you best. After you choose an option, ask for a free consultation and we’ll discuss your options in getting you on the right track.


Maintaining a business is tough. Growing and scaling one is even tougher. You need the right people on your side, that’s where I come in.

Business Growth

Do you find yourself trying to accomplish every task on your own? Are you constantly with your nose to the grindstone without achieving the growth and productivity your business expected? Has your business plateaued?

Growing a business, expanding a business, and maintaining a business are all challenges of themselves. When you’re trying to do all three, it’s incredibly easy to lose track of the small things. The devil is in the details as they say, and many people try to take on too many things at once. This easily creates potential problems for your business, as you are unable to keep track of every little thing, all the while making logical, sharp, unbiased decisions.

Knowing the problem isn’t enough if you don’t have a solution. That’s where we come in. Proper planning, delegation, accountability, and a third party view will highlight potential missed opportunities. Max has worked in the B2B world extensively and has experience speaking to over 600 businesses, evaluating their performance and giving them ideas to enhance their cashflow. For small business, our JLM program works wonderfully. For larger companies, hourly sessions may be the solution for you. Click below, evaluate which program fits best for you, and lets have a discussion on growing your business.

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